With just a couple of weeks left in the season, the Tigers will utilize the coming days to evaluate what they have and what they need for 2006.

Gra The club continues to take a long look at what Curtis Granderson has to offer in centerfield.  Curtis has gotten the majority of the playing time in CF over Nook Logan the last three weeks.  Logan remains an exciting option because of his breathtaking speed, but he has failed to develop into a consistent offensive threat.  Speed means little offensively if you’re not on base.  Granderson meanwhile has very little to prove in the minor leagues.  He runs well, is a solid defender and hits for more power than Logan.  If you could combine the two, you’d have a stud.  Last time I checked though, morphing players is frowned upon. 

First base offers and interesting dilemma.  Chris Shelton has weathered the mini slump he was in and continues to show offensive skills beyond his major league experience.  Carlos Pena has returned from a minor league stint and has put up some impressive numbers in a short period of time.  To me though, the fact that Shelton continues to play first base when he is the lineup with Pena indicates that the Tigers have made their choice for next year.  I think we’ll see Chris hold that position for years to come.  He has played well defensively and I would venture to say much better that most envisioned.  I believe he is a much better athlete that people give him credit for.

Ingeee Is Brandon Inge next year’s thirdbaseman?  Well, his power numbers don’t match up with the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Hank Blaylock or Eric Chavez, but only Blaylock has more at bats at the position this year than Inge.  Brandon has been incredibly durable.  His error total is high, but also somewhat misleading.  Inge has made some incredibly athletic plays this year and keep in mind he had to learn the position at the highest level.  Not an easy thing to do.

The staff may get an infusion of young talent next year.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to see Joel Zumaya or Justin Verlander pitch with the big club in September.  Tigers fans got a taste of Verlander earlier this year, but both have been shut down with Tired arms.  The stats are dazzling!  Zumaya:  199 strikeouts in 151.1 innings at AA and AAA.  Verlander:  136 strikeouts in 118.2 minor league innings.  It will be fun to watch them pitch next spring.



    Hey Mario, can you find out what the name of the song is when Omar Infante comes up to bat?

    Thanks and Keep Truckin,



    Mario, Some real exciting moments this past season were provided by two guys that maybe in competition for the same job. Too bad they couldn’t get them both in the same outfield. I’m talking about Logan and Granderson. I think Logan in center is as good as there is and Granderson is not too far behind. It would be great to see them side by side. Logan’s speed is unreal (I can only remember one faster, Ron Leflore) and on many occasions he made things happen with it. Granderson by far has more power and good speed as well. The other spot is complicated with the contract he has, it appears that Ordonez will be in right field unless Leland can get him to do some DHing. He doesn’t seem to be a wiz in right but I guess he don’t want to DH. It would be great to see a near air tight outfield out there. Wouldn’t it be great if the new kid Mabin could explode onto the seene before they all move on. The other area where decisions will have to be made is 1st base. Would love to see Pena sustain a .260-.280 batting average. With his power and swinging from the left side, it is a much needed commodity. As for Young, I’ve seen enough and hope he is the odd man out. As for Brandon, he seems to be great wherever he is placed. Just wish he could cut down on his strikeouts. I believe this might be a pivitol year for him though. He is as near perfect a member to a team as you could get. Plays everywhere, does a great job and has a good attitude. Pitching will make or brake you. (Aka Chicago Sox) Where does this leave the tigers. Can Bonderman go a full season and blosom into an every game competitor. Can Robertson or Maroth find a way to win consistantly. Will Rogers be able to sustain his winning percentage with the tigers. Or can some of these new guys just blow past everyone. Guys such as Verlander, Zumaya, Sleeth, Sanchez, Bumstead, Tata, De La Cruz, Jurrjens, Badenhop, Vasquez or others. Personnally I like seeing the young guns come up and put into the frey. If you’ve got the stuff and you can pitch lets not waste the years. I remember many a young good pitcher of the past. There are many on the field decisions to be made and hopefully we have the man at the helm who can make them. I for one can’t wait for the first pitch of the spring. Thanks for the opportunity to air my thoughts. Robert

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