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Uyaxycac Now that the season has come to an end and we focus on the playoffs as fans, the Tigers front office has already been busy at work sculpting the future of the organization.  The first move was to make a change in the manager’s position.  Jim Leyland is now in place as the organization’s new skipper.  When Alan Trammell was brought in three years ago to manage the club, it seemed like a good fit.  The club at that point was very green and a steadying influence like Trammell was what the club needed.  In my opinion, Tram was a terrific teacher.  Unfortunately for him, the roster three years ago resembled more a Triple A club than a major league team.  Things quickly changed.  As the Tigers dipped into free agency the last two seasons, the club became much more respectable on the field and at the same time became more veteran oriented.  This is why I think the Tigers made the switch at the top.  Dave Dombrowski refused, and rightly so, to critique Tram publicly after the change was made.  I think it is quite clear though that there is a feeling that Jim Leyland may be better suited to managing a veteran ball club.

2islxfsn Most point to the fact that the Tigers lost 300 games in three years under Trammell.  Unfortunately for Tram, the deck was stacked against him from the get go.  He was learning on the job with a club that was just not quite big league caliber in the beginning.  He never really got a chance to get comfortable in the position, because his team was losing 119 games.  Instead of being allowed to grow, he was constantly being asked what it was like to chase the all time loss record in major league history.  For all that he has been through the last three years, he handled the final three weeks of his tenure with class.

As is the case in most managerial changes, the coaching staff was dismissed as well.  For our part at FSN, I would like to thank Tram, Bob Cluck, Bruce Fields, Mick Kelleher, Juan Samuel, Kirk Gibson and Lance Parrish for all they did for us.  It was a classy staff.


  1. miraclegirl4262@yahoo.com

    I don’t think its right at all. Tram is an Underdog manager yes but he was growing along with the whole club and why get rid of Parrish Parrish was great so was Gibson. Cluck was way off I believe I don’t mind him going but why Sammy, Juan was great I didn’t really pay attention to Kelleher. I would just like to know why all the changes and whos the knew pitching coach

  2. kevquinn@mac.com

    Tram needed to go, He did not have the control or respect of the clubhouse which is necessary to be successful in the Majors

  3. acd4476@yahoo.com

    Great thoughts. I believe Trammell needed to go as it seemed the veterans had lost faith in him. However, he would be a good fit for a young team such as the Devil Rays. As for the old staff its a shame to see them go. I thought Bruce Fields and Sammy were great for the team. About the new staff, I personally like it, especially Van Slyke and McClendon. What do you think about the hirings and who do you wish to see as the pitching coach? I peronally would like to see them hire Jeff Jones. Lastly, do you see the Tigers making any significant roster changes?

  4. jimteegarden@hotmail.com

    Classy commentary – and right on the mark. Classy tenure and exit by Tram too. Nobody, even Sparky, would have won under the circumstances of the past three years. In retrospect, I wish Tram hadn’t taken the job. But the fact remains, he did. He took his shot and it didn’t work. I like the guy very much and I know he’ll get other chances in the game. As for Leyland, it looks like a good hire. He will have the players respect from day one. But he still needs a starter, 8th and a 9th inning closers, plus a dramatically improved defense if he expects to compete with the Sox and Indians.

  5. dnuttjr@yahoo.com

    It pains me greatly to see a group of Tigers icons treated with such business-mindedness. I truly hope that Gibson, Trammell, Parrish, and even Samuel know that they are still class examples of what baseball stands for-and will always be Tigers. The faith that was lost was not in the manager, it was with the whole dang organization. They repeatedly make poor decisions and expect everyone to support them. In all honesty- I think the Tigers were playing good ball up to the point they traded Farnsworth. If you think about it, that was the turn around. I hope and believe they can lure him back in the off-season-he’s a good fit.
    Veterans such as Pudge stated publicly at the end of the season that they were tired of losing and I really believe he will seek a trade. Detroit used to be a baseball superpower-players didn’t want to leave. Now, because it is such a ‘business’, everyone follows the $$. I think the Tigers need to make the club more appealing for outsiders to consider. I hope Leyland is the answer.

  6. rtmudrinich@msn.com

    I have been a longtime Pittsburgh Pirate fan. Also, my all-time favorite player is Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. Jim Leyland is a great manager.

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  7. d3troitig3r@yahoo.com

    Hey Mario, I’ve watched you and the Tigers daily for the past ~8 years straight, and Tram was not a good fit for this club, he should have started out as a bench coach or defensive specialist.

    I watched countless times in his first few years blow huge leads by leaving pitchers in too long. 1 game that sticks out in my mind vividly is a game you called, where we had an 8-0 lead at Coors in 2004, and in the same inning. Granted this is Coors we are talking about, but how could he not do anything and allow 8 runs to score in 1 inning!?

    I can go on naming other situations, but the fact of the matter is he wasnt ready to handle such a big responsibility after only a few short stints coaching the Friars.

    It seems to me that alot of the “great” managers were catchers, like the angles manager, toree, and others, im drawing a blank right now for some reason.

    Personally I was never saw him play in the glory days of the Tigers 😦 (let alone even born)

    Anyways, just thought that inexperience isnt a excuse for chasing the all time worst record. I’d love to hear what you think, thx, bye.

  8. www.pudgeallstar@yahoo.com

    These Tigers need a Sparky Anderson type Manager in which a different brand of baseball has to be brought to Detroit playing national league style “small ball” wer’nt building runs not always count on the longball also dire need to repair the atmosphere in the Clubhouse and on the field .That’s why Jim Leyland and his coaching staff were brought here to Detroit bring us really back to glory like Gullien did for the White Sox .ex:bring in a guy who has’nt seen live pitching in 7 weeks to pinch-hit (talking Carlos Gullien). neither does also guy a .188 in Marcus Thames to pinch-hit can’t well at the big club .but tear it up in Triple AAA Toledo does’nt compute .Includes bring in “Mr. Unreliable ” in closer Ferando Rodney .starting rotation is going to restructure as well the closer’s role .very bad pr in which also lost our local “free- air” tv home this season .Next season add cast members ,New skipper and coaching staff =new attiude .Plus new tv home In like to see in WDWB WB 20 part of that new look includes new broadcast team consistant of Fsn team

  9. dmd5235@netzero.net

    Strangely, I don’t see the Tigers as being any different than the Lions. “Dnuttjr” was the only person that mentioned the Farnsworth “give away” to Atlanta. He was intimidating and a winner. Why Dave Dombrowski got rid of him is beyond me. The Tigers were still within reach of the 500 mark when Farnsworth was dealt and then they just tanked after that because they could not get anyone out in the late innings. So much like Steve Mariucci, let’s blame the manager for the GMs stupidity. Dave Dombrowski is as much an idiot at matt Millen and until both are fired and we get DETROIT guys in both jobs, then we will not see a change. This just in, the Lions have announced that Matt Millen has been fired and has been replaced at GM by a true Lion, Chris Spielman. The new head coach of the Lions, none other than **** LeBeau with **** Jauron staying on as Defensive coordinator. As for the Tigers GM, I like Alan Trammell. What can I say, I want a Lion running the Lions, not a Raider, and a Tiger running the Tigers, not a Marlin.

  10. captregla@aol.com

    I believe if his (Leland)reputation of the past is what it is and follows him to the present, the future of the Tigers will be bright. For sure their are a few present players who shook Trammell’s team and brought about his demise. I hope that Leland will either handle these few to the betterment of the team or move them. Of course they will all be coming together with a clean slate so Leland will have to identify any new problem and deal with it. As for my views of possible changes to improve the outlook for future performance, they are as follows.
    The first base jam: I would think DYoung should have as much trade value as any of the three. If he were the odd man out some agreement of salry responsibility might aply for a trade to be made.

    Infield: Need the shortstop to come back stong. He must play most games and his performance must be regained. Third base needs ofensive performance improvement from Enge. Second base needs Palanco to duplicate last season. At first base they must narrow the field and see performance improvements.

    Starting pitching: If Rogers brings to Detroit his past winning percentages, it will have a positive effect for the team. Secondary positives may be the fact that he could help the other two lefties in the rotation.

    Outfield: I believe Leland must settle a musical chairs atmosphere there and go with a more set lineup for any great success. Could be one of his biggest jobs.

    Young pitching prospects: They have many. Question is, who if any will fit in the 06 rotation. Will one of them prove worthy and capable of the assignment. What if two of them show worthiness in the spring. One of them needs to prove his worth in the spring and be given as equal a chance as Ledezma was given last season.

    Trades: Probably not much to expect here at this time. Could probably have matched or bettered the deal for Glaus if he would have come to Detroit and I suspect that was the problem.

    Overall: I will follow the Tigers to the end but I don’t really see the oportunity to beat the WSox. Most likely their pitching will go unchallenged. Challenging the others in the division will be tied to the performance of the veterans and new comers. The veterans must perform up to their potential and their past. The new Rotation pitcher must prove worthy in the spring and then perform near the level of Mark Fidrich in his first year. If this is achieved I believe we will have a great season finishing 2nd while having a wild card shot.

    These are my views and that of a true Tiger follower.

  11. canton376@comcast.net

    Jim, when are you going to quit playing up to the “politically correct” and send Mr. Rodney packing. You used the term “we are not going to baby sit him” in reference to Kenny Rogers, but persist in having the audacity to continue losing games where Mr. Rodney is concerned. When he comes on the scene, the mute button comes on and we leave the room. It is too painful to watch the ineffective, untalented, and useless efforts of this man. The team players try so hard and then have the game “blown” by the lackluster of a beligerant cocky non=contributor.
    We are sure Toledo or Erie could use his talents (?) and improve on any latent potential. The Majors is NOT the place to play to his ego!

  12. canton376@comcast.net

    Lessons on how to THROW a ball game and it has nothing to do with the White Sox team, as you profess. Just put Fernando Rodney in the game and walk the first batter (almost hitting him) and you have the WORST RELIEVER in Tiger history. When will you guys learn? All we hear from you is how great he is. Rodney knows how to fly under the radar and not be detected for the fraud he propounds not to be. He sure has the Tiger organization flim-flammed. See how the Mudhens or Erie can improve on some lack of talent. This is disgusting!!!

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