Well, well, well

I appears that a good friend of mine has issued a challenge of sorts.  Daron Sutton, the fine broadcaster of the Milwaukee Brewers, has offered a wager in his latest blog entry.  The bet:  which team wins more games this season, the Brewers or the Tigers?


Well, considering the Tigers put up 12 runs on 18 hits tonight in a thumping of the Twins, this bet appears to be a slam dunk.  The Bengals are ready to roll.  However, we now need some collateral.  Daron has offered some Miller Lite and I will counter with two large Little Caesars pizzas, loaded with as many toppings as he would like.  And, since it appears that he has lost his senses with this wager, I’ll also throw in some Crazy Bread.

As of tonight, the records look like this:

Milwaukee:  47-50

Detroit:  47-48

Your on, Sut!


  1. jacoba@kpl.gov

    The Brewers have a lot of young talent in their everyday lineup, but I think the Tigers will definitly have a better record this year, given their veteran linuep

  2. canton376@comcast.net

    We just do NOT understand why you and Rod have to have a negative view of the Tigers and the players and do it in such a sly inuendo manner. Just tonight the Twins big hitter was 1 for 4 and your position is he will hit now as he is the best with this average and in this position. Now the positive for the Tigers is 1 of 4 only 25% hitting and 75% of the time he was OUT. You two do this constantly and the mute button gets quite a workout. We loved when Rod commented that Granderson was not meeting the ball with barrel of the bat and that we should not expect too much… POW one homerun! Rod, you’re so full of malarky!

  3. canton376@comcast.net

    Mario, you disgust me with the enthusiasm you display when the Twins have just made 2 runs, Jeremey is doing his best, and then YOU GLOAT that you have determined that he committed a balk! Yes, the term is gloat! Just for what teram are you announcning? MUTE, MUTE, MUTE!!! How about it FOR the Tigers once in awhile? urp, urp, urp!

  4. canton376@comcast.net

    You’re at it again and so is Leland with “Sir Rodney” pitching, if you can call it that! What is it Rod? Rodney is difficult to hit if he is on the ball. Sure is when the first four pitches are in the dirt they are difficult to hit! My @#$%^& get rid of that primadonna Fernando Rodney, we get ahead and I have to leave the room for I know we threw away a game. Jim has a blind spot where this yo-yo is concerned.

  5. jorr55@speednetllc.com

    Hi Mario,
    I’m wondering what is the call for a batted ball that hits the dome?

    Thank you…say hi to Rod.

    From “The Moose”

  6. gobruce@umich.edu


    I’ve been watching most of the Tiger’s games this year and truly enjoy the commentary by you and Rod. I know you deserve a day off now and then, however, the substitutes just aren’t cutting it. I know they try, and they certainly know a lot about baseball, but they don’t seem to know the team very well and don’t concentrate on the game.

    So, You’re Good! However, no more days off…Please?

    Thanks, and have a great season…Bruce

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