Jonesing to come home

Jones0329 With the baseball winter meetings completed, the Tigers contingent returned to Detroit with two key components added to a still relatively young pitching staff.  The additions of Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones was not met with overwhelming fanfare, yet the two veterans immediately added tremendous value to the club.  For as talented as Jeremy Bonderman is, he is still only 23 years old.  The veteran Rogers will provide a presence at the top of the rotation, allowing Bonderman some room to grow.  Bonderman will also no longer have to face the opponent’s ace as much as he has done in his young career.

Jones meanwhile gives the Tigers an option at the back end of the bullpen which was missing following the trades of Kyle Farnsworth and Ugueth Urbina and the injury to Troy Percival.  The thing that impresses me about Jones is that he has always loved pitching in Detroit.  As an announcer for the Angels, I recall interviewing Todd several times when he was a Tiger.  He is well versed in Tigers history and loves the city.  I remember thinking that he struck me as someone that was born and raised in the Motor City, not his native Alabama.  He is a quality guy who has the guts to pitch the ninth inning and has plenty left in the tank.  Just check out his ’05 stats.  I first met Todd in the early 90’s when he was an Astros prospect and I was announcing for Houston’s AAA team in Tucson.  I was immediately impressed with his willingness to talk to anyone and take responsibility for his performance, good or bad.  Welcome home Jonesie.

Rogers As for Rogers, his lifetime numbers at Comerica Park are very good.  He has compiled a 4-1 mark with a 3.46 ERA in eight appearances (six starts).  Since Comerica Park opened, Barry Zito, Mark Buehrle and C.C. Sabathia are the only lefties with a better ERA in Detroit.

Rogers has posted 115 wins in the last 10 seasons, third most for left handers behind Jamie Moyer (146), Andy Pettitte (137) and David Wells (136).



    Hopefully the experience these guys will add to the team can help lead our many young pitchers. Percival seemed to be great in the bullpen last season, and even with him gone, it’s good to know we’ve still got a couple of veteran guys.


    I think that the Tigers have done OK, in this off-season so far. Why go pay the outrageous salaries when we basically have a “good” line-up. Can’t wait for the games to begin.

    “Sock it to em Tigers”


    Picking up Todd Jones is not a good move, other than to get some name recognition in the ballpark. While he did have a good year last year, the circumstances scream “FLUKE!”

    His ERA+ (versus league average) for the last five years:

    2005: 192

    2004: 99

    2003: 67

    2002: 104

    2001: 105

    Jones pitched between 68 and 83 innings each of those years.

    Now entering his age 38 year, there is no reason to believe Jones will not revert back to his 2001-2004 form, and perhaps even worse. This is yet another example of the Tigers overpaying an old veteran based on most his recent accomplishment, and/or the desperate need to provide name recognition to the dwindling Tiger base. This move (along with that of picking up The Gambler) appears to have Ilitch’s pizza-stained thumbprint all over it.



    Well, you and Rod are at it again! Top of the 7th and according to you two the Tigers should lay down and die! You are pittiful! The Twins pitching is unbeatabe, the Twins have so much more than the Tigers, you make my mute button and the White Sox Yankee game a great second choice. Thank goodness for PIP. Well, Brandon got a 2 run homerun… All of a sudden the Tigers are back and your enthusiasm, tho’ waning at times, seems to revive itself. YUK! Is the only thing that comes to mind right now, besides the complete biography on Castillo who is just too great and wonderful, according to Rod, that we miss the play by play. By the way, do you ever read these comments?


    Boy, 9/8/06 and I guess, according to you two “mouth pieces” the Tigers should just give up and go home! Never heard so much about how wonderful, powerful, unstoppable, difficult to hit that the Twins have become. But most of all is the unmitigated, enamored facination you two have with the SPEED of the pitches. Yep, they are fast and INACCURATE! Where the #$%^&*they end up after they leave the mound is anyones guess (and most of the time we have walks or batters hit, including behind the knees.) ACCURACY!!! Give me accuracy and strikes… to #$%^&*(with speeed. The whole society is hung up on speed, from the computer, phone, airplane, food preparation, radio, TV, to cars. SPEED, SPEED, SPEED. To heck with speed, and maybe these pitchers could last 9 innings! We are not making better pitchers, in fact they are becoming whimps! Why? See the above about pitchers from the Tiger staff. “We have to conserve and nurse these pitchers…” Are you in the majors or not? Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of the greatest who went before you or are you babied along because you “pitch at 98, 99, 100 mph?” Then get bailed out by real pitching with the accuracy of a surgeon who can cut the plate and disect the batter with finese. And I love the “idiots” who are in love with FSN sports casters, if that is what you call it. Enough to make one regurgitate.

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