Spotram250_1My last post regarding the Tigers managerial change generated more responses than any other post on the blog.  There is no question that Tram was a respected Tiger as a player, but for some reason many "fans" soured on number 3 because he was not able to get the team over .500 as a skipper.  In the months leading to his dismissal, some of the attacks on Tram became personal.  Because of that, I have been asked by many people if Trams legacy has been tarnished or destroyed because he wasn’t able to get it done as a manager..  My answer:  not a chance.

34172 My lasting memories of Tram will always include sitting in the bleachers at Tiger Stadium on a cool October afternoon and watching him take Eric Show deep twice in Game Four of the 1984 World Series.  Watching him play in six All Star games and winning the MVP award in the ’84 World Series.  Watching him win four gold gloves and representing the city for twenty seasons while never wearing another uniform during his playing days.  These are my memories of the greatest Tigers shortstop of my time.  Three seasons as manager will never erase that.

Do people remember the Willie Mays that hit .211 his final season in the big leagues, or the Hall of Famer who was one of the greatest center fielders of all time?  How about the Babe Ruth that hit .181 in his last season with six home runs, or the Bambino who finished with 714 homers and is considered one of the greatest sluggers of all time?

Trams record and legacy speaks for itself and his record as a manager will never change that.  Nor should it.


  1. Dan


    Great post. I’m sure you have to be very careful about what you say about the Trammell firing, given your role with the team. But you were very candid in your posts on the matter.

    I stopped by and said helo to you and Rod Allen in the plaque gallery when you were out here in May for the Hall of Fame Game. I enjoy listening to you guys do the games.

    Unfortunately, 12 seasons of losing has made me a tad bitter about my team, but I’m sticking with them. I posted my take on the Trammell firing, if you have time take a read and let me know what you think.

    My question for you is this: do the Tigers really have the talent in their everyday lineup to win the 90-95 games it will take to contend? I don’t see it right now, though I AM encouraged about the pithing, which I think has taken more blame than it deserves. Young pitching is notoriously inconsistent and the late-season collapase is also a sign of young, inexperienced pitchers.

    I think Bonderman, Verlander, Robertson, Colon and Zumaya could be one of the better staffs in baseball in the not too distant future. In fact, I think it may happen sooner rather than later.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts on the Tigers.


    Mario, I understand the fact that Tram did things that some people questioned. I see mistakes that he made. However, he was still relatively new, still needed time to grow. There were the injuries, and DD threw away this season in August, trading Farnsworth, sending a message that he felt this team was done for the year. I have to believe that regardless of the outcome in September, that unless there was a miracle turn around Tram was going to be dumped in favor of Leyland. That is who DD wanted. Maybe he helped things along to bolster his position. I don’t know. What I do know is this: Fans complain about the lack of loyalty in players..they have for years. But the teams don’t show any loyalty to the players/coaches/managers etc. The one thing you can’t refute about Tram is his loyalty. He stuck with us, literally losing millions of dollars that he could have garnered as a free agent. Twice the organization has stabbed him in the back. He could be the worst manager in the world, and I still feel they owed him the last year in his contract. I have to thank DD. He finally has given me the strength to give up on the Tigers, something I have been trying to do since shortly after the dark day that Illitch bought this team. TRAM is a Tiger! Illitch and DD are not.


    Mario – you have some great comments about the state of Tiger baseball. I remember back in high school when we were both in radio news broadcasting (I was at Ford). You’ve come a long way and turned it into a career. I knew you were good back then.

    Michael Brown


    Mario, Trammell was a great player for Detroit. In as much as he wanted to be a manager in the majors, I believe the timing for coming to Detroit was bad. The group he had to work with were near impossible to make competitive for anyone. I believe he did a proper job and the teams competitive level was advanced along with the systems. Someday I believe, Trammell will take another job as manager in mlb and be very good. I have total admeration and respect for Allan. I just wish he could have chose a more appropriate time to make his return to Detroit. Leland, I think is doing just that. I also had alot of respect for most of his staff here and wish them well also. In my opinion if there was one negitive about Trammell’s approach, it was that I sensed an effort to do things in the mold of Sparky. This was the wrong approach for him here and because of that influence maybe he made some wrong choices in his staff. Sparky had big time players, Allan did not. I thought he just needed a little more time but do not totally disagree with the change. He took a very bad team of pathtetic proportions to a place where they can blosome into a competitive team. It may be the hardest job in baseball to do. Enough said, now lets see where it goes from here. Certainly a few more things need to be done and hopefully we will see Jim accomplish them. Thanks for the chance to offer my thoughts. Robert Glazier


    Mario, I really like listening to you and Rod announcing. I watch when I can, on FSN. Is Rod a really nice guy as he comes across? You two make a great team and I’m already looking forward to the coming season with the Tigers. Thanks for a great season lastyear.


    Every responce I`ve read in this blog has been very good,and many also hit the nail on the head in regards to what a classy and truely professional person Alan Trammell is.But the one comment that was made about how he was “stabbed in the back” by this ballclub on two occassions could not be more true!!!In the era of free agents(since 1974 for you younger fans)it has always been that “money talks and b.s. walks”,but that was not the case with Mr. Trammell.Any ball player that spends 20 yrs. as a player,then an additional 5-6yrs. as a coach and manager for 1 organization during this era is almost unheard of.Only a select few like Tram,Lou,Yount,Brett,and Ripken Jr. can make such a wonderful boost.And if you notice,the 5 names I`ve mentioned were 5 of the most truely professional Major Leaguers in the past 1/2 century!My only hope is that Tram gets another chance to show us his baseball knowledge and prove to the non-loyal fans of the Detroit Tigers that their unruley behavior and verbal attacks on Tram were totally wrong!!!!!!Shame on you!GO GETEM TIGERS.


    I was very sorry when Tramm was fired. I loved having him and Lance and Gibby there. They were my heroes as a child, and I love them still. I do feel he should have been given another year at least. After all he was very new to this. I agree with you Mario. I will never think less of him just cuz he had mangerial problems. I will miss him this year, but I will give Jim and his crew a fair chance. I am , after all, a true Tiger fan.


    i was real sad to see such a classy guy like trammell get fired. This guy got the royal shaft of all time. he was handed a bunch of stiffs forst time out,and got some improvement. then last year, injuries hurt , the dd trades his team away. yet he does not even say a word. everybody knew leyland was coming in. and he said not a word. CLASS all the way. I have been a tigers fan all my life (40 years) and i have never seen a guy treated in such a way. IF leyland does not get above .500. I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE a saying fired the bum. I am a trammell fan. You should ask bonderman who he should thank. maybe even talk to some of the younger player. who tram gave a chance. I will not give up on my tigers, but this season will be my first where i am not looking forward to spring training
    i hope Alan finds a dream job. maybe come north to canada and manage TORONTO. they are now spending money. and could use a good manager


    Mario, can we keep the politicians out of the booth. Baseball is not a Republican sport. Please no politicians.

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