Sunday whine

Ehobbiescom_1856_109770669 Since the Tigers lost on a walk-off homer last night, I’m not in the greatest mood this morning.  Perfect time to whine about life on the road.  People often ask what the best and worst parts of my job are.  I always answer with two words:  the travel.  It is indeed the best and worst part of the job all rolled in one.  Being able to see other parts of the country that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to see is awesome.  However, it’s not always glamorous.  Here are some questions I have as my travels take me through the league.


Why is it that every cab I get into in Chicago in July and August has a broken air conditioner?  Always pleasant to take the ride to U.S. Cellular Field in a coat and tie with no air.  Also, feel free to put the radio on anything but NPR.  NPR is very educational, but I really don’t want to get any smarter as I watch my tie turn different shades of blue from the sweat rolling off my head.  On the topic of cabs, why is it that every cabbie in Boston cusses at me because the ride to Fenway is only a $6.00 fare.  "I thought you were going to the airport, I can’t make any money taking you to Fenway," they all say.  Here’s a hint slick, don’t park your cab in front of the team hotel.  Ninety percent of us want to go to the ballpark.

212pxhamburger Why is it that every room service bill includes the food charge, tax, automatic 18% gratuity and an additional line to include a tip?  Isn’t that what the automatic gratuity is for?  Why am I tipping twice?  Just wondering.  Mmmm, that $30.00 burger and tap water was delicious.

Why is it that on mornings that I decide to skip my workout and sleep in, the hotel maid "accidentally" bangs her vacuum cleaner into my door five or six times.  I get it, you want me out of the room so you can clean it and go home.  Please go away.

Why is it that everyone pronounces my name "Mary-oh" in Canada?

Gotta go.  Placido is stepping in the box to lead off the game.  It’s a sunny day in Toronto and the roof is open.  The game always brings you back to reality.  This is the best job in the world, no matter how they pronounce your name.


Ask Number 66 on the Pittsburgh Penguins…I think his last name is Lemieux.

Hey Mario:
I just wanted to say that I love your blog as well as your play by play. I was the one at the game last night (Aug 15th…yeah, you know that one with the streakers) who yelled up at the booth after the game about your pic on the carousel. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I (and many other) love your play by play and your writing…keep up the good word buddy! 😀

i love your play by play. Your so awesome. You should keep doing baseball announcing because your so awesome. Keep doing tigers baseball man. YOur so cool.

Mario…it’s been 13 days since your last post…I think it’s time for an update! I check every day hoping for another funny yet random post with no avail…what do ya think? Time for another post? I think so…

yeah, i love your blog and your play by play, as well as rod’s commentary. also, since you don’t like your name being pronounced ‘mary-o’, i thought you might be interested that i doubt mr. polanco likes his name pronounced PLA ci doh it should be pla CEE doh. of course you might want to check with him on that. in any case, maybe we can just get you to post again….from a tigers and mario/rod fan, regina

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