Farnsworth fallout

Ph_430638One day after the Kyle Farnsworth trade, sports talk radio in Detroit is on fire.  Many local hosts and fans have been critical of the latest Tigers trade, which has sent Farnsworth to the Atlanta Braves for a pair of pitchers.  Yet, I am willing to bet that 99.9% of those who are up in arms have never seen Roman Colon (it’s Roman, not Ramon) or Zach Miner pitch. 

This is one of those trades that can’t be evaluated immediately.  To think so otherwise is shortsighted.  Think back to July of 2002 when Jeff Weaver was dealt at the deadline.  There was overwhelming sentiment that the Tigers had made a mistake.  Many screamed in disgust and wondered how the club could deal away it’s best pitcher for a pair of minor leaguers and Carlos Pena.  That was then, and this is now.  That trade only netted the Tigers the cornerstone of the rotation for the next ten years potentially.  Nobody is complaining now.

T1_0717_royalstigers_ap Fact is, the Tigers front office and scouting staff is responsible for bringing in some pretty good talent the past couple of years.  Bonderman, Shelton and Robertson are just a few.  While Miner is admittedly considered a fringe prospect, Colon is not.  I’m willing to trust those who make a living scouting talent and then make trades based on those opinions.  Am I happy to see Farnsworth go?  Not a chance.  It was fun to watch him hit 100 on the gun and pile drive Jeremy Affeldt into the ground like a crash test dummy (Hey, nobody got hurt and admit it, you thought it was fun too).  The fact remains however, that the Tigers made an offer and it was not accepted.  Kyle is a free agent at the end of the year and it’s understandable that he wants to see what he is worth on the open market.  There is risk in that however.

Good Luck Kyle, it was fun watching you pitch.  Feel free to rejoin the club as a free agent this offseason.  After all, you did say you liked it here.


Let’s hope before Farnsworth left that he taught someone in the bullpen how to body tackle.

–Matt Sussman

You can’t keep a guy who does not want to be here anyway. I am glad we got rid of him. At first I was upset but it sounded like he wanted to leave for Atlanta because this was his home town.

With Troy Percival hurt, I betcha Urbina is smiling now. I only see the Tigers winning is if their hitting stays on track. It’s too bad that we have to watch our Pitching Relivers throw the games away. At this rate, I see the Tigers season coming to a close and it does not look as good as I hoped. Not right at this point anyway.

the Farnsworth trade started the Tiges fallout. I’d love to see Kyle back next year-because he’s a brawler, a fighter like we need.

Mario, I hope you get comments on stuff you posted, I just noticed you had this cool blog. Hey, I love your announcing games with Rod. Almost as fun as you and Gibson but I have been watching since Lewin and Gibson (and really all the way back to PASS Sports). I agree with you about the fight with Farnsworth. It was fun watching him throw Affeldt to the ground. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to hear you in 2006! Unfortunately, I moved from Holland, MI to the bay are in SF so I am lookin forward to road games in Oakland and watching games on MLB extra innings, keep a camera on me at McAfee colliseum! (or whatever they call the A’s stadium now).

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