Lighten up Francis

What is it with the Tigers and hurricanes?  Last September the club lost a couple of games here because of Hurricane Francis.  Now, Hurricane Dennis is threatening to dump some heavy rains in the St. Pete area.  I’d be surprised if the final two games of the series are postponed though.  The Tigers have won the first two games in the series and if they take the final two, they could get to .500 by the break.  Certainly possible.  Here in St. Pete, they are talking about their team like we were a couple of years ago in Detroit about the ’03 Tigers.  They have now lost 10 straight and Lou Piniella looks like he needs a straight jacket.  Sorry, I love Lou, but no sympathy here. 

It was interesting to read the quotes today in the local paper about how Tim McClelland did the right thing in tossing out Nate Robertson after he threw behind Crawford in the bottom of the first last night.  Two different sides, two different view points.  I thought McClelland jumped the gun in gassing Nate, while the locales (Piniella included) thought it was the right call and applauded the move.  Nate just can’t buy a break.  He was thrown out for protecting a teammate after his club gets him four first inning runs  That’s a years worth of support compared what he has been getting.

Here are some new pics of "The Trop"St_pete_002_1 St_pete_003 St_pete_004  and I will add All Star pictures after the game on Tuesday to the the photo album.  It will be the first ever All Star game I will attend.  What’s your favorite All Star memory?  Mine was the year Sweet Lou wore white shoes during the game.  I can’t remember what year that was.  I’m also not sure why that’s my favorite memory.  It just is.

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Hey Mario,

I have a comment concerning the Tigers-Royals game I watched tonight. Farnsworth is got a cannon for an arm. He is lighting it up. I was wondering if you could talk to your producers at FSN and insert a “Farnsworth Meter” on the top right hand corner of the screen every time he pitches. Whenever he hits 100 MPH maybe it could light a red flame or something.I think it would be cool.Not too many pitchers can hit 100 MPH on the gun. I noticed he hit it once tonight. A “Farnsworth Meter” would of been awesome!

Mike from Holt Michigan

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