I didn’t know that…

It’s hard to imagine sometimes that guys that have the ability to hit a 96 MPH heater or touch 99 on the radar gun are really pretty much like you and me.  All players really are human just like us mortal folk.  Therefore, in an effort to illustrate how normal our on field heros are, consider the following:  Applevar_fuji Marcus Thames was once a substitute teacher in the off season, teaching middle schoolers math and English.  I can see it now, "Mr. Thames, can I go to the bathroom?"  "I don’t know Johnny, can you?.  The proper word is ‘May I go to the bathroom?’  Now please put your hand down."  Jeremy Bonderman was a member of the 4H club as a youngster.  He would help raise sheep and pigs.  Don’t know for sure if that’s where he learned to throw the ole horsehide.  Kyle Farnsworth was cut from his high school team his junior year.  How would you like to be the guy that had to deliver that news?  Kyle also won a slam dunk contest once.  Matt Ginter plays the banjoBanjo.  In fact, he is often seen boarding the team flight with his case in hand.  Omar Infante is known as one of the top chess players in the Tigers clubhouse.  Gmcfir It’s no wonder that Troy Percival has become one of the top closers in all of baseball, his father was a firefighter.  Rondell White once went one-on-one with Michael Jordan.  Jordan visited Rondell’s high school once for a clinic and when they were finished, White had a chance to go up against the best of all time.  The result?  "He let me score a couple of times, then he started knocking the ball out of my hands."  That’s OK, Rondell, you can hit a curve ball.  Michael never could.Michael_jordan_finals_1

So there you have it.  Some stuff that you may, or may not have known, about Detroit’s big leaguers. 

By the way, as the Tigers prepare for their series against the Dodgers tonight in LA, have you ever wondered where that nickname came from?

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