Shrewd move, Dave

After watching Carlos Guillen play on a daily basis for over a year now, there is no question in my mind that he has been the Tigers MVP.  With another hit today, he stretched his hitting streak to 12 straight games.  It appears that a change of scenery has turned Guillen into a perennial all star.  After playng in the shadow of a lot of big name players in Seattle, he has become one of the leaders of a Tigers organization on the rise. Guillen

Credit the sharp insight of President and General Manager Dave Dombrowski for signing Guillen to a three year contract extension last June before Guillen could test the free agent market.  And, while it’s true that his injury at the end of last year may have dulled his value a bit, he certainly would have commanded more that the three year, $14 million contract he inked.  A relative bargain by today’s standards.  Guillen’s numbers match up with many of todays big time shortstops who earn considerably more greenbacks.  The following numbers are from the start of the 2004 season through May 14th of this season:

                         2005 salary                 Average             RBI         On Base %

Guillen               $4,000,000                    .328                  107          .390

Jeter                 $19,600,000                  .297                    95          .366

Nomar               $8,250,000                    .279                    41          .338

Renteria            $8,000,000                    .279                    83          .322

Cabrera             $6,000,000                    .259                    73          .306

Salaries are courtesy of USA Today.

If Carlos can stay healthy the next month, Tigers fans will no doubt have the chance to see him in the All Star game sporting a home Tigers uniform.  Great sign, great bargain, outstanding player.



Outstanding comparison between players and salaries. We got a great player, and great personality in Guillen.

Great commentary on a great player. It’s hard to imagine that Guillen was not our first choice in being our starting shortstop. With that said I would like to take this post as a direct attack to the national media (ESPN), for being blind. Carlos never gets the attention or accolades that he deserves. This may be due to Detroit’s lack of success, or a guy named pudge, or because his comments aren’t as vivacious as DY’s. In any case he is the only player in the league I would want to run my infield. Go Tigers!!!

I haven’t been able to say enough great things about Guillen. He brings forth nothing but 100% effort day in and day out. He is the complete package at shortstop!

It is awesome to watch some of these great player moves start to produce. I’m reminded of the great moves made by Bill Lajoie and the resulting World Championship in 84. I think Dave D. is doing a tremedous job.

Maybe we can finally put that franchise destroying John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander trade to bed. I bet Seattle fans will curse the “Carlos Guillen for Ramone Santiago” swap for a generation or so.

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