Pitching In

With all of the offensive firepower the Tigers have this season, many that follow the club feel the team will go as far as their pitching will take them.  Well, after a 4-2 road trip through Anaheim and Texas it appears the Bengals young staff is coming along very nicely.  I remember Bob Cluck stating last year that it may take until 2006 before we actually see this staff put it together.  However, we are seeing plenty of signs of maturity in 2005.  Nate Robertson has put together three consecutive strong outings.  His offspeed stuff has been the key.  After his last start in Texas, Nate said guys spend their minor league years trying to pop the radar gun because that’s what gets you noticed.  When you get to the big leagues though, it’s all about getting outs. It’s not about how hard you throw, and he realizes that now.  Mike Maroth has been as steady as usual and Jason Johnson is pitching much better than he did this spring.  Bonderman

Then there is Bondermania!  Jeremy is quickly becoming scary good.  I was chatting with my partner Rod Allen in Texas the other day before the game and we agreed that the only young pitcher we would even consider taking ahead of Bonderman right now is Josh Beckett…..maybe.  I’ve never met a guy that young with as much quiet confidence.  I don’t care what was written in Moneyball, Billy Beane would take Jeremy right here, right now.  Wil Ledezma has been up and down, but he’s only 24 and had just 16 big league starts coming into the season.  Give him time.  Right now, the Tigers are one of just five teams in the American League with an ERA under 4.00.  At 3.86, they are fourth in the league.  That’s progress.


I’m loving what Bonderman is doing right now. He’ll pitch well tonight against the Angels, too. The whole pitching staff has been doing what it needs to recently. I’d like to see this trend continue. I have a question though….what do we need to do to compete with the Twins (and now ChiSox) on a more consistent basis. For a team that can crush the Angels, as well as beat them in a close game, we should be making a run for some kind of playoff spot. Do we need some more hitting at the bottom of our lineup? More consistency from our big guys (I know Pudge is just slumping right now)? I’m curious for opinions, because I haven’t been this excited about a Tiger’s team in a long time! Go Tabbies!

I watch every tigers game I can on TV, and when I can’t do that I listen to it on the radio (by the way I think you and mario do a great job!). The only time I feel REALLY good about our chances against a good team like the Angels or the Rangers is when Bonderman is pitching. This is different from a year ago when I was on the edge of my seat crossing my fingers every game he pitched. He has come a long way from two years ago. I remember listening on the radio after the game against the yankees where he gave up 4 hits (all HR) and people were talking so much trash about him, saying he will never be the ace the tigs had hoped for. I hope all those nay-sayers eat their words, ’cause Bonderman is the future of the Tiger’s pitching staff!

What a great talent we have in “Bondy” at this point in his career. I hope that the dreaded history of the Tigers doesn’t creep up on us and the powers that be don’t trade him for some washed up releiver just to make it into the playoffs. Not like that’s happend before or anything.

Hey Mario, Hope you are feeling better! As a lifelong Tiger’s fan, I have sat through the Good, The Bad, and certainly, The Ugly, but they will always be my team. Bondo is as good as I can remember, and he’s still just a kid!! As many have said, patience is the key, but after a “Stupid Attack” that cost us the last game against the A>A>, it does grate on you a little. See you tonight!

Bonderman is playing with much confidence and is showing great command of every pitch in his arsenal. But to really contend for a playoff spot, the Tigers are going to need another top grade pitcher. I hope they stay around the .500 mark by the break, so the owner can make a move to aquire another pitcher. Let’s make a run at the wildcard this year and MAKE SEPTEMBER FUN AGAIN!!! Go tigers.

Mario& Rod, Guys watch Carlos Penna’s right foot when he is batting. He is bringing it towards the plate on the pitchers release and not allowing his right hip to open and get around on the ball. Please tell Fields and see if he concours.

Bonderman is going to be a quality major league pitcher, and I agree that not too many younf pitchers are ahead of him right now. You mentioned Beckett, but let me throw a couplpe of more names out there: Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs, Johan Santana of the Twins, Oliver Perez of the Pirates, (who DID start of slow this year) and Ben Sheets of the Brewers. All extremely talented young pitchers who will be dominating forces in the league for years to come.

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